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Apollo's Moon (Lavender / Clove / Sandalwood / Bitter Almond [Apricot Pit] / Orange) – Associated with the Moon, the Sun and with angels. When thunder rumbles and the time of destiny is at hand, a blend of Apollo’s Moon hails the shepherd god Apollo, who arrives in a fiery chariot led by white horses, armed with his lyre, laurel crown and bow and arrows to rapture us through the upper troposphere and redeem us from the dragon. With the adventure and courage of an astronaut and the discipline and enthusiasm to follow through, Apollo’s Moon aids in controlling destiny by activating the body’s lower three chakras (energy centers) and connecting that energy to the upper four, clearing energetic blocks in the spine to propel us into action and onto our life’s work. Engendering fidelity to a person, plan or goal, importing luck and favorable flight conditions to ventures and restoring connections between alienated parties (particularly estranged family members) are some of the strengths of this blend. Magical uses include: Enhancing stamina for long-haul projects, controlling one’s destiny, reuniting estranged parties (especially family members), dislodging terrestrial constraints, creating space, levitation, bringing salvation, breaking hexes and supporting transitions. Elemental associations: Water, Fire, Air. (For more, see Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.)

Prosperity Moon - Spray Image - December-28-2021.png

Prosperity Moon (Fir / Bergamot / Clove / Nutmeg / Blue Spruce) – Associated with the Sun and with angels. When money is needed but the Sun is eclipsed, a blend of Prosperity Moon radiates much-needed resources, bringing with it the stability and protection of a loving father. Hidden deep within the bowels of an anchored ship, Prosperity Moon reveals untold riches, guarded by a sphinx, poised to deliver swift recovery with its abundant chests of gold. With the power of the hidden Sun, Prosperity Moon changes one’s trajectory away from ingrained cycles of scarcity, rendering it the preeminent money builder – an exceptional tool for building business and generating success. It calls in the warmth of the Heavenly father and grants security and shelter from those who would intend us harm. Activating servant leadership, facing the shadowside of one’s outward personality and amplifying positive spiritual power are some of the strengths of this blend. Magical uses include: Money (attracting, keeping, acquiring), increasing business and commerce, turning iron into gold, guarding against malicious intent, exposing deceit, imparting integrity in business transactions, hailing transmuted paternal energy, gathering warmth, prompting generosity, avoiding shipwrecks, inducing stigmata, healing wounds, raising wind, walking on water, bolstering tobacco cessation, protecting against drunkenness, bestowing good fortune, enhancing security, providing stability and granting relief during Mercury retrograde. Elemental associations: Water, Fire, Air. (For more, see Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.)

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All of our magical essential oil products, including our Magical Essential Oil Sprays and Magical Essential Oil Roll-Ons, are handcrafted using the purest of ingredients.

Moon Hollow of Salem's single-oil sprays and blend sprays contain only therapeutic grade essential oils and absolutes, alcohol-free wild crop witch hazel and honeysuckle hydrosol sourced directly from a farm, and our very own moonstone elixir that has been charged in an Archangel and Olympian ritual of ancient Hebrew, Christian and pagan origins under the direct light of the Full Moon.

Our roll-ons are crafted using only therapeutic grade essential oils and absolutes paired with USDA Certified Organic, cold pressed, Fractionated Coconut Oil, making these pocket-sized potions perfect for taking with you.

Packaged in glass bottles complete with information tags and hand-embossed labels, Moon Hollow of Salem sprays and roll-ons are all individually handcrafted with care and attention to detail, and are methodically sealed with powerful celestial energy by an individual healer prior to shipping. Importantly, our magical products contain no chemical preservatives, and we never use any form of synthetic.

Purity, light and celestial aid - that's what we craft in each bottle. Believing in the actual esoteric power spoken of by the ancients isn't just Moon Hollow of Salem's philosophy, it's our practice. Our mother used to say, "Moon rays repair your DNA." We believe her. And we believe in magic. 

We're sure you will enjoy exploring our website to discover which magical offering is right for you, including our range of powerful magical sprays, roll-ons and accessoriesYou can also read about our energywork services and ongoing Archangel & Olympian Ritual offerings, as well as the spiritual guidance we provide for additional support.

Please let us know if you have any questions by clicking here.  We always welcome hearing from you!


                                                                  Aerially yours,


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Our Next Full Moon Ritual

Friday, June 21, 2024

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*MHA, the *spiritual* flight division of Moon Hollow of Salem, is the fictional airline of David Jonathan Lavin - an affiliate of the Celestial Support Administration (see 'Visit the Moon Hollow Airlines Page' below). 

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Moon Hollow uses only 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and absolutes, and alcohol-free wild crop witch hazel and honeysuckle hydrosol, all of which is ethically produced. Our products and ingredients are never tested on animals and contain no chemical preservatives or synthetics.

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