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How to Use Moon Hollow Sprays


All life vibrates. The therapeutic grade essential oils and alcohol-free wild crop witch hazel in our sprays - along with the moonstone and powerful celestial energies that we infuse them with - have unique vibrational frequencies. The vibrational frequency of an oil reflects its bio-energy or life force, which factors into an oil’s therapeutic and spiritual value. When we are feeling sick or emotionally low, for example, using a spray made with oils of a high frequency serves the purpose of lifting our own vibration to a higher level, counteracting the effects of the lower frequencies keeping us down. Showing the human auric field through which this energy travels, new technologies allow for the photographic capture of these energetic fields, creating some pretty amazing visual images.

There are many, many wonderful ways to use our Magical Essential Oil Sprays, from spraying them in a room to clear unwanted negativity to creating a mist that settles over your auric field - or human energy field - in order to lift your mood and clear your thinking.


Deciding just how you want to use our sprays might depend on the magical effects you are wanting to achieve. And it's always okay to experiment with different uses to discover their best function in your life. Our sprays can be used on your body, your clothes, your bedding and other fabrics, and in all kinds of spaces, like your home, your car, or your office. As always, do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. If you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition that might preclude the use of one of our powerful products, consult your physician prior to use. Sprays are for spiritual support only and not intended for the treatment or prevention of medical conditions, or as a substitute for medical treatment.

Here are a few ideas...

Spray a mist cloud into your auric field above your head

Shake well before use and set your intention

Spray generously in a room

Spray directly onto your body

Spray on your clothing or furniture

Spray your sleeping, ritual or relaxation space

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