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About Moon Hollow of Salem

Our sprays are individually handcrafted for use in summoning the energy of the Moon, the Sun and angels into your life and the spaces in which you live. Each Moon Hollow of Salem spray represents one of our originally channeled formulas, in research and development for years, made especially for you to gather specific support and powerful magic. Our blends, and their distinct magic, are our own, divined through years of study, experimentation and analysis. The result is unmatched in its capacity, and in the palm of your hand. Believing in the actual esoteric power spoken of by the ancients isn’t just Moon Hollow of Salem’s philosophy, it’s our practice.    


We begin by performing a powerful ritual on the Full Moon. On the day of the Full Moon, we prepare pure water in a collection of elegant antique cobalt blue pitchers. To the water we add carefully selected AAA-quality moonstones, each chosen for their aesthetic beauty, shape and size. Then, following exact celestial protocols, we perform an Archangel and Olympian ritual of ancient Hebrew, Christian and pagan origins, calling in the energy of the Moon, Archangels and Olympians to infuse the water with their power. This elixir, the base for all Moon Hollow of Salem sprays, charges overnight under the direct light of the Full Moon.

We use the highest quality witch hazel and therapeutic grade essential oils. The alcohol-free, wild crop witch hazel we use in preparing Moon Hollow of Salem sprays is sourced directly from a farm, is grown, harvested and distilled in small batches, additive and preservative free, and made with the greatest care and consideration for the farm’s workers and the Earth. The essential oils we choose are associated with the Moon, the Sun, or with angels, and are always verified 100% Therapeutic Grade from companies who distill, press and rigorously test their ethically produced oils and absolutes for purity, potency and vibrational properties. Therapeutic Grade essential oils are the finest available because of the superior ways in which they are grown, selected, harvested and bottled.


We seal the work with Heaven’s magic and care. Each Moon Hollow of Salem spray is individually created, aged by hand from 7-21 days depending upon its formula, and includes a handcrafted label, tag and magical information card to provide specific instruction on how to use its magic. Prior to its release, each bottle is methodically sealed by an individual healer who calls in Heaven’s power, amplifying the vibrational properties of each spray. Moon Hollow of Salem bottles are made of cobalt blue glass to preserve the integrity of their contents. Each bottle includes one of the moonstones used in the ritual from which the bottle’s Moon elixir was made; this moonstone is part of an energetic web, connecting the bottle’s owner to the owners of all the other bottles prepared from that Full Moon’s elixir. Because Moon Hollow of Salem sprays are created with such intentionality and detail, we are certain that your spray will make a one-of-a-kind addition to your spiritual practice. Our mother used to say, “Moon rays repair your DNA.” We believe her. And we believe in magic.


One of our sprays' first homes. Pyramid Books in Salem, Massachusetts.

Inside the original Moon Hollow workshop.



If you have any questions at all, we very much welcome hearing from you.

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David makes individually hand-embossed bottle labels

in the Moon Hollow workshop.

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What are essential oils?


Essential oils are rich with vibrational energy, with some resonating at as high as 320 MHz of electromagnetic wave frequency. These natural aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants, and have the highest vibrational frequency of any measured living substance on Earth. Essential oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their therapeutic benefits. The vibrational frequency of an oil reflects its bio-energy or life force, which factors into an oil’s therapeutic and magical value. Therapeutic grade essential oils are the finest available because of the superior ways in which they are grown, selected, harvested and bottled.


What does the Full Moon do?


The light of the full Moon is a magnifier and has the power to both heighten our creativity and help us to complete projects. It heals and protects us, banishing unwanted influences. It affects our bodies and enhances our cognitive abilities. The stage of the full Moon is a time of increased psychic awareness and love.


What are moonstones?


We use moonstones in our water charging ritual, and one of the moonstones used in charging the water in your spray is included for you with your spray bottle. Because your moonstone comes from a collection of moonstones used in the charging pitcher from your batch, it forms part of an energetic bridge that connects everyone who uses sprays crafted from that pitcher. In The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach (2007, North Atlantic Books), Robert Simmons writes about the magical energy in moonstones: "Moonstone is the gem of the High Priestess, keeper of the feminine mysteries. In its reflected light we can project and thereby observe the hidden truths that reside in the depths of ourselves, out of the light of consciousness. Moonstone is a talisman for the inward journey, and meditation with it can bring one deep into the self. What is revealed there is often recognized as the missing piece or pieces of the puzzle of one's life - parts of the soul that have been left behind or forgotten. Moonstone can also take one on a journey into past lives."

What makes these sprays magical?
Although many oils have powerful planetary and magical associations, we choose only those transformative oils that are directly associated with the Moon, the Sun and angels. Couple this with the infusing of our water with moonstone energy, the Archangel and Olympian ritual we perform when preparing our elixir, and the sealing of each bottle with powerful celestial energy by an individual healer, and you have in your hands a potent blend that can be used to raise yourself and the spaces in which you live to a higher vibration for the manifestation of positive change.
What are 'therapeutic grade'
essential oils?
Adulterated and diluted essential oils make up about 98% of the market and are used widely by the food, cosmetics and perfume industries. Many of these are blended with synthetics. Therapeutic grade essential oils, on the other hand, are complete in their chemical constituents and retain the innate coherent vibrational frequency of the original plant materials. This is what gives these rare and special oils their therapeutic effect. Therapeutic grade essential oils retain their true plant essences and are derived from singular plant species; they are not adulterated in any way. It can be difficult to differentiate between the 2% of essential oils that are therapeutic and the 98% that are not. To ensure that we are using only therapeutic grade oils, we source directly from verified therapeutic grade producers.

What's in a Moon Hollow spray?

When preparing our sprays, we are careful to source the very best products available. The alcohol-free, wild crop witch hazel in our sprays, for example, comes directly to us from a farm, where it is hand-harvested and distilled on the same day. Never made with additives or chemical preservatives, this small-batch witch hazel is the very best around and has a shelf life of up to three years.


The 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and absolutes in our sprays always come from verified therapeutic grade essential oil producers. Each has established a worldwide reputation for having the highest quality production, distillation and testing standards. These beautiful and transformative fragrances can come only from the purest essential oils and absolutes.


The moonstones we use during the water charging ceremony are all AAA-rated Indian moonstones sourced from reputable gem suppliers. We hand-select each moonstone to ensure that the stone you receive with your spray is of high quality with respect to energy and aesthetic.


Our distilled water is sourced from a variety of sources. During our water charging ritual, conducted under the direct light of the Full Moon, we use genuine antique cobalt blue glass pitchers that we have collected from places all around the country, from Brattleboro, Vermont to Albuquerque, New Mexico and beyond. Then, we bottle each spray in its own cobalt blue 'Boston round' glass bottle. In addition to its beautiful color, cobalt glass protects contents from the deteriorating effects of sunlight and slows the degradation of essential oils. We never use plastic for storage. To see which pitcher was used in the making of your spray, refer to the pitcher number written on your bottle's tag. Photos of each pitcher are shown below.


We hope that knowing more about the care and intentionality with which your Magical Essential Oil Spray was created brings you closer to the magic we craft into each bottle.






Picther 8 - CIMG9972 (2).JPG


Pitcher 9 - 5-14-2022 - CIMG9992.JPG







Note: Pitcher 3, 4, 6 and 7 have been retired from service. Sadly, Pitcher 4 was a casualty of the sub-freezing temperatures of the January 5, 2015, Full Moon, breaking shortly after having been brought inside to warmer temperatures. We retire it respectfully and thank it for its service. If you have a spray made from Pitcher 4, it’s all the more special. Pitcher 3 was raptured from its celestial duties during the February 16, 2022, Prosperity Full Moon. This was a very powerful ritual, and we were crestfallen to see P3 disappear from its placement under the direct light of the Full Moon. It did leave behind two of its ritual stones. We found those and have them kept somewhere safe.   

Thorough research is important, as is a good read. Some of the following books and documents have provided inspiration for our spiritual practice, and you might enjoy purchasing them for you own use:


The Fragrant Heavens by Valerie Ann Worwood (See more)

The Magus: A Complete System of Occult Philosophy by Francis Barrett (See more)

The Path of a Christian Witch by Adelina St. Clair (See more)

Power Animal Meditations: Shamanic Journeys with Your Spirit Animal by Nicki Scully (See more)

Animal Magick: The Art of Recognizing & Working with Familiars by D.J. Conway (See more)

The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian (See more)

Vibrational Frequency and the Subtle Energy Nature of Essential Oils -

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham (See more)

The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life by Robert O. Becker, M.D. and Gary Selden (See more)

Arbatel: Concerning the Magic of the Ancients by Author Unknown (See more)

The Book of Enoch by Author Unknown (See more)

The Kabbalah & Magic of Angels by Migene Gonzalez-Wippler (See more)

A Dictionary of Angels by Gustav Davidson (See more)

The Book of the Angel Rezial by Author Unknown (See more)


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The following image(s) in our Online Store are licensed for unrestricted commercial use and are sourced through Creative Commons Zero: Image used for Forest Moon, Image used for Fertile Moon, Image used for Abundance Moon, Image used for Releasing Moon, Image used for Stork Moon, Image used for Crystal Moon, Image used for Yuletide Moon.


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The following image(s) on our Home Page are licensed for unrestricted commercial use and are sourced through Creative Commons Zero: Banner image

The following image(s) on our Home Page are unrestricted and in the public domain [PD-US]: Image used for Archangel & Olympian Ritual Page (NASA Public Domain Image, NASA ID PIA13276. Search NASA Gallery at:

Note: The jack-o-lantern image in the upper banner of our website during the Halloween season is by William Warby, whose beautiful photographs can be found here.


Note: Our 'Made in Mass' image is © 2015-2016 Moon Hollow of Salem and features a map by Anthony Finley (1790-1840), which was created in 1827 and is free in the public domain [PD-US] via Wikimedia Commons. 


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