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Magnet Set - Image - September-14-2022.png
Moon Hollow Bottle Cap Magnet Sets - $30

The original Halloween art in this set was individually created by David Jonathan Lavin from 2014 to 2015 to capture the meaning, mystery and childhood anticipation of Halloween night – Moon Hollow’s favorite night of the year for flying. Each piece represents something special to us. For instance, note how the image of a maple leaf appears as its own painting and then again discreetly in the mouth of the baby owl in the painting You Are Not Alone. This leaf is a symbol of our dear mother. It is a reminder that loved ones remain nearby, even more powerfully once they have passed. The house is Salem’s infamous Witch House, home to Jonathan Corwin, Esq., one of many magistrates involved in the notorious witchcraft trials of 1692. The only building still standing with direct ties to the hysteria, it remains a tribute to those affected by the tragedy. The waxing crescent moon is symbolic of the energy that expands from the New Moon to the Full, reminding us to set our intentions for what we want to have happen in the future. The witch flying over Salem’s moonlit sky elicits those magical Halloween nights in which we swear that shadow we’ve seen out of the corner of our eyes was something supernatural crossing the sky. After all, traveling from here to there on a broom was the original way to fly. The symbols of this set mean something to us, and we gather, if you’ve purchased this, they do to you too. So, whether you celebrate All Hallow’s Eve once yearly, or this art finds a way into your heart and home throughout the year, may your Halloween be filled with magic and faith in the unseen. Only remember to bring your broom. You’ll need it to fly.


(NOTE: each magnet set includes an autographed information card on the artwork) 

Halloween Combo - September-11-2022.png
Moon Hollow Halloween Combo Pack - $66


Get the best of both this world and the next by purchasing our artisan-crafted Halloween Combo Pack, which includes a made-in-our-workshop Halloween Bottle Cap Magnet Set and your choice of one of our potent Halloween Magical Essential Oil Sprays. A one-of-a-kind no-brainer value that makes for easy magical shopping, give one item to the Halloween lover in your life and keep the other for yourself, or goodness, just keep both for yourself (we won't tell). Mum's the word.

Combo Includes Your Choice of One 4oz. Magical Halloween Spray in a cobalt blue glass bottle with fine mist spray-top AND one Moon Hollow Bottle Cap Magnet Set.


Magical Halloween Spray Options Include:


Blend No.20 'All Hallow's Eve' Magical Essential Oil Spray or 

Blend No.13 'Witch's Moon' Magical Essential Oil Spray


(NOTE: each magnet set includes an autographed information card on the artwork) 

Moon Hollow Ornaments - $35


Using beautifully colored felt that is made from recycled plastic bottles, thread from France and hypoallergenic stuffing, many hours go into meticulously handcrafting each one of a kind Moon Hollow of Salem Five-Pointed Star and Crescent Moon Ornaments. These original piece-of-art ornaments are designed, cut, stuffed and hand-stitched in our workshop to capture the meaning, mystery and power of the stars. Whether your ornaments find their haven on the knob of your nursery's door, swaying from your car's rearview mirror, or somewhere blissfully lost on a holiday tree, may this Five-Pointed Star and Crescent Moon Ornaments conjure up warm memories of your own magic - even those unconscious remembrances you don't yet know, but will.

Moon Hollow Bookmarks - $35


Using beautiful layered papers and ribbons, many hours go into meticulously handcrafting each unique Moon Hollow of Salem bookmark. These sturdy, piece-of-art bookmarks are bordered with a blend of dazzling glitter, adorned with shades-of-the-Moon ribbon, topped off with silver ink and inscribed with one of our two favorite Moon Hollow sayings:

"Mother used to say 'Moon-rays repair your DNA.'  We believe her."


"Books, like magic, project you to places you already know but have never been."

Each bookmark is embossed on the back with the Moon Hollow logo in silver and comes in a protective plastic sleeve for shipping.

MHA Flight Wings.jpg
MHA Flight Wings - $25


Inspired by our love for lavender and the spiritual lessons it teaches of flight, our MHA Flight Wings hard enamel pins harken back to the best of the 1920s and the Age of Aviation.


Devoted to teaching lavender’s hidden aerial lessons, our fictional airline, Moon Hollow Airlines, takes passengers on spiritual flights in its “The Spiritual Lessons of Lavender” classes, where students master the principles of lift and thrust, drag and stall, turbulance and invisible hazards and their celestial implications. Lavender’s aeronautical secrets about aviation and pilots, adventure and courage, sexuality and communication, flight attendant hospitality and service in the sky are revealed as important for taking flight in this new age. Our hard enamel pins, each set in nickel, evoke the heavenly principles of aviation and ignite our passion to fly.


Whether your Moon Hollow Airlines wings fly their way onto a vision board, are proudly incorporated into your wardrobe, or are used as a conversation piece, we know they will bring back to you the hope of aviation and the elegance of flight.

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