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Blend No.13: 4oz. 'Witch's Moon' Magical Essential Oil Spray

'Witch's Moon' 4oz. Magical Essential Oil Spray in a cobalt blue glass bottle with a fine-mist spray top. Patchouli / Cedarwood / Jasmine / Orange / Sandalwood / Geranium / Melissa / Clove / Basil / Witch Hazel Hydrosol / Honeysuckle Hydrosol 

(Pogostemon cablin / Cedrus atlantica / Jasminum officinale / Citrus sinensis / Santalum paniculatum / Pelargonium graveolens / Melissa officinalis / Eugenia caryophyllus / Ocimum basilicum)


Associated with the Moon, the Sun and with angels.


Magical uses include: Divine Love, happiness, peace, healing, enhancing psychic work, heightening spirituality, ritual blessing and consecration, elevating creativity, divination and purification.


Elemental associations: Earth (Patchouli), Water (Jasmine, Sandalwood, Geranium, Melissa), Fire (Cedarwood, Orange, Clove, Basil). (For more, see Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.)


(NOTE: Witch's Moon ages in-house 21 days prior to shipping. If an order has multiple items with a variety of aging requirements, the order will be shipped on the day the last spray reaches maturity.).

© Moon Hollow of Salem, unless otherwise indicated. All Rights Reserved.

Blend No.13: 4oz. 'Witch's Moon' Magical Essential Oil Spray

  • When we’re in need of creative discovery or spiritual healing from the sacred within, like the midwives of old, Witch’s Moon gathers the strength of our feminine healer to heighten our creativity, enhance our spirituality and promote physical, emotional and artistic health. Ruled by seven Archangels, some of whom share rulership between ingredients (Zadkiel, Kamael, Raphael, Cassiel, Hanael, Gabriel and Sandalphon), it is primarily ruled by Zadkiel, whose name means “Righteousness of God.” One of seven “[A]rchangels [standing] in the presence of God” (A Dictionary of Angels, p.324), Zadkiel is chief over the dominions – the fourth order in the celestial hierarchy responsible for assigning duties to angels (p.97). The zodiac signs associated with this blend include Capricorn, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer, Gemini, Virgo, Taurus and Libra. Ruled by these Archangels are “psychic powers….wisdom…secrets.…the arts… [and] the theater” (The Kabbalah and Magic of Angels, p.180-4), making this a particularly potent blend for discerning hidden knowledge, promulgating artistic pageantry and the manifestation of ideas imagined. Among the stones synchronizing with this blend are lapis lazuli and labradorite (Zadkiel) and black andradite garnet (Kamael), known for their abilities to uncover lost truths, enhance magic of all kinds and advance extravagant creativity. Among Zadkiel’s creatures are the mythical centaur and white buffalo, great totems of abundance and Divine favor (white buffalo), independent spirituality and the gift of healing (centaur). Clairvoyance, supporting emotions and ensuring success are some of the strengths of this blend.


    © Moon Hollow of Salem, unless otherwise indicated. All Rights Reserved.

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