Blend No.12: 4oz. 'Slumber Moon' Magical Essential Oil Spray

'Slumber Moon' 4oz. Magical Essential Oil Spray in a cobalt blue glass bottle with a fine-mist spray top. Lavender / Chamomile (Lavandula angustifolia / Chamaemelum nobile)


Associated with the Sun and with angels.


Magical uses include: Advancing sleep, calming the mind, promoting emotional and psychological homeostasis, bringing peace, journeying into the Otherworld, intuitive dreaming, supporting clear communication, comforting inner children, enabling nighttime cloud play and exploration, spiritually treating general anxiety when prone to higher levels as a baseline, grounding or centering, relieving stress and soothing adult worries.


Elemental associations: Air (Lavender), Water (Chamomile, Roman). (For more, see Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.)

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Blend No.12: 4oz. 'Slumber Moon' Magical Essential Oil Spray

  • When we’re troubled and restless and need to quiet our minds, a blend of lavender and chamomile wraps us in a blanket of warmth, comforting our inner children by taking us to the land of clouds to play, soothing the anxieties of our adult selves so we can slumber with ease and fly worry-free. The lavender in this blend is ruled by the Archangel Raphael, whose name means “God has healed”, and chamomile by the Archangel Michael, “he who is like God.” Together these Archangels “exchange rulership of the sun” and rule the zodiac signs of Leo, Gemini and Virgo (The Kabbalah and Magic of Angels, p.182). They rule “medicine….vitality” and “nervous or mental ailments” (p.181-2), making this a particularly useful blend for calming the mind and promoting emotional and psychological homeostasis. Among the stones harmonizing with Slumber Moon are the holly blue agate and lepidolite (Raphael) and sardonyx (Michael), known for relieving stress, bringing serenity through an expansion of consciousness, and reconstituting emotional willpower. Synchronizing with Slumber Moon are its totems the butterfly (Raphael) and mythical pegasus (Michael), great totems of soul freedom and transformation (butterfly), cloudland exploration and the ability to fly tranquilly above trouble (pegasus). Supporting clear communication, heightening spiritual awareness and help gaining mental and emotional control are some of the strengths of this blend.


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