4oz. Sage Magical Essential Oil Spray

Sage 4oz. Magical Essential Oil Spray in a cobalt blue glass bottle with a fine-mist spray top. (Salvia officinalis)


Associated with angels.


Magical uses include: Attracting protection and promoting longevity and immortality, promoting wisdom and the manifestation of wishes, ritual cleansing of negative energy in a space.


Elemental association: Air. (For more, see Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.)

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4oz. Sage Magical Essential Oil Spray

  • Sage calls on "God and the celestial warriors to defend, protect, and heal the human spirit and Mother Earth" (The Fragrant Heavens, p.275). Brings close "the spiritual energy of the light beings" (p.78). Celebrated for its transformative properties, and often used during sacred rituals. Transforms negative influences to enable them to act for the benefit of the person, place or object whose aura is being cleansed. Provides a barrier of protection while neutralizing negativity and misfortune. With sage, connections to a higher self, the spirit world, and other dimensions are enhanced. Primarily associated with Archangel Zadkiel, whose name means "Rightousness of God."


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