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Sessions with David Jonathan Lavin

Reiki Master Teacher

Energy Clearings: 60, 75 and 90 minute Sessions Available
Spiritual Guidance: 30, 45 and 60 minute Sessions Available

Archangel & Olympian Rituals: Individual (1 hour) and Group (2.5 hours) Events Available

THE STORY: Beginning his spiritual journey as a child, David Jonathan Lavin has a long history of connecting with energy and an inexplicable connection to sources of heavenly power and healing, with his formalized energy training beginning in 2010 after the loss of his Mother to cancer. David has privately trained under the tutelage of a master healer, separately received his training as a Reiki Master Teacher, teaches classes on hidden sacred and magical matters, and writes on supernal subjects. David is not a Hebrew, a Christian or a witch; he identifies with all of these practices.   

THE PHILOSOPHY: In his healing work, and with guidance from the ancient Hebrews, as well as with the support of Archangels, Olympians and the arcane traditions of old, and in tandem with his thousands of hours of study and research into the metaphysical and magical traditions of the antediluvian masters, Christian mystics, the Kabbalah, medieval Christian occultists and guides, he proffers healing and guidance for situations previously thought impossible to change.

THE HEALING: Using a number of healing modalities, including Polarity Therapy, Reiki, precise application of Moon Hollow of Salem magical sprays and therapeutic grade oils, stones and crystals and specifically channeled healing work unique to his practice, David's healing practice includes opening and closing sacred space, invoking the presence of Archangelic aid both at the start and end of sessions (based upon ancient Hebrew, Christian and pagan texts), chakra clearings, alignment and transplantation, intuitive elemental healing, energy reading, the use of acupressure points to move and clear energetic blocks through the client's energy system, use of cards, and the summoning of animal totems for additional insight and support.

SPIRITUAL SUPPORT: In addition to energetic healing work, David is available for 30, 45 and 60 minute Spiritual Guidance sessions, which can include the use of cards, guided prayer, meditation, astral journeying, magical sprays, Scriptural exploration, and spiritual instruction to access specific, swift and powerful answers to troubling questions.

APPOINTMENTS: If you have interest in setting up an appointment, please e-mail:


Energy Healing & Spiritual Guidance

Healing sessions may include Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Use of Aroma, Chakra Clearing, Crystal Grids, Spiritual Guidance or any combination of these modalities, depending on your needs at the time of the session. Below are some brief descriptions to help clarify what these modalities involve. We are also happy to talk with you about these before your session, should you like for us to do so.

Reiki: Reiki involves light touch and the transference of Universal Life Energy - the vibrational energy flowing through all living things - in order to promote the body's natural healing processes, often helping clients to reconnect with their body. Reiki is widely used for relaxation and stress reduction, helping clients to find balance through vibrational energy transfer. Increasingly, Reiki is being practiced by nurses and others who have contact with patients in recovery from illness and injury. Recipients of Reiki will often feel a deep sense of relaxation during a session.

Use of Aroma: Using therapeutic grade essential oils or Moon Hollow of Salem magical essential oil sprays to enhance spiritual, emotional and mental well-being, oils are applied directly to the skin or experienced gently as a magical mist, after being expertly chosen for their unique spiritual applications. A first session always involves a brief discussion of the client's history. Aroma, and its magical application, has a long tradition of use in spiritual healing for its sensory effectiveness, ability to reduce stress and for the promotion of spiritual harmony.

Polarity Therapy: Polarity Therapy works to bring balance to the client's Human Energy Field. As a holistic practice, Polarity Therapy involves energywork and lifestyle guidance. A first session always involves a detailed discussion of the client's history. Drawing on both Eastern and Western principles, Polarity Therapy unblocks and recharges the flow of lifeforce energy in and around the body. This is a powerful yet gentle treatment that often results in relief from energy imbalances by equalizing the elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether) in the client's energetic field. 

Spiritual Guidance: The Spiritual Guidance we offer provides meaningful - and potentially ongoing - interpersonal support through an array of guided prayer, astral journeys, meditation, readings for accessing spiritual answers to pressing questions (using angel and animals cards), the expert spiritual application of oils, magical sprays and crystals, Scriptural exploration, and focused spiritual discussion and instruction. Should you wish, we can assist you in determining which tools will serve you best as we help you on your spiritual path. Spiritual Guidance is available in-person and via distance.

Archangel & Olympian Rituals

Rituals: Moon Hollow of Salem hosts powerful elemental rituals in which we beseech specific Archangelic and Olympian energies on your behalf, and with your participation, with any of the concerns, requests or petitions you bring. In a time when we desperately need support from above, Celestial allies are here and waiting for an invocation to help. And so they will. These are incredibly powerful evenings for asking for and receiving specific spiritual support from the Heavens. No request is too large or small, although requests can only do no harm. These elemental ceremonies can be hosted for individuals (1 hour) or small groups (2.5 hours), and require only a sincere heart and a desire to ask for specific help.

Additional Information for Energywork Clients: Payments can be made using a credit or debit card, or PayPal account (see 'Scheduling and Payments' below). All electronic payments are processed through PayPal. Pre-payment for spiritual services of any kind (in person or distance) is required before a session can be finalized. If a session is in person, please wear comfortable clothing. Please wear comfortable clothing for your session. It is suggested that, whenever possible, you bathe or shower before your session. For your first session, please expect to spend some time in discussion as part of the treatment. All clients are required to read and sign a brief treatment consent form. Please note that clients visiting our practice location will need to navigate stairs. More information about our practice location can be found below. Thank you!


Scheduling and Payments

Pre-payment for energywork healing services is required before your session can be finalized, although we can certainly answer any questions and discuss available appointment times in advance of making your payment. In-person or distance Spiritual Guidance sessions are paid in advance. Once payment is received, we will contact you to confirm details for your upcoming appointment. Failure to attend or to arrive as scheduled will not result in a refund, or to an extension of the appointment time. Every minute late is a minute lost. E-Mail or call 978-376-6615 to schedule an appointment. 


30 minute Energy Clearing, in-person or distance: $45

45 minute Energy Clearing, in-person or distance: $67.50

1 hour Energy Clearing, in-person or distance: $85


1 hour and 15 minute Healing Session, in-person or distance: $106.25

1 hour and 30 minute Healing Session, in-person or distance: $127.50


1 hour Spiritual Guidance Session, in-person or distance: $90


45 minute Spiritual Guidance Session, in-person or distance: $67.50


30 minute Spiritual Guidance Session, in-person or distance: $45

1 hour Individual Archangel & Olympian Ritual: $100.00

2.5 hour Group Archangel & Olympian Ritual: $50 per Person

(5 person minimum)

Contact us with any questions

about payments.



Moon Hollow of Salem in Des Plaines, Illinois























Moon Hollow of Salem

Des Plaines, Illinois 60016

Located in vibrant downtown Des Plaines, Illinois, less than one-tenth of a mile from the Metra, we are easy to get to by car or train.

Driving: We are located at the intersection of Lee Street and Prairie Avenue, which can be accessed via Mannheim Road/Lee Street (also known as State Highway 14). We are less than one block from the Des Plaines Public Library. There is easy access to free public parking and super cheap paid garaged parking.

Metra: Accessing us by train is so easy. We are one-tenth of a mile walking distance from the Des Plaines Metra station, which is located at 1501 Miner Street. From the station, walk south on Lee Street until you arrive at the intersection of Lee Street and Prairie Avenue.

Des Plaines, Ilinois - Day We Signed Lea
Moon Hollow of Salem - Des Plaines Map (

Images of Andradite, Kyanite, Red Cherry Rhodochrosite, Smoky Quartz and Azurite-Malachite by Rob Lavinsky at via Creative Commons SA-3.0: License

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