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Archangel & Olympian Ritual

(Individual or Group)


Join David Jonathan Lavin for a powerful individual or group ritual in which he beseeches specific Archangelic and Olympian energies on your behalf, and with your participation, with any of the concerns, requests or petitions you bring.


In a time when we desperately need support from above, Celestial allies are here and waiting for an invocation to help. And so they will. These are incredibly powerful evenings for asking for and receiving specific spiritual support from Heaven. No request is too large or small although requests can only DO NO HARM. This is a private elemental ceremony for people serious about calling upon, asking for and receiving answers to their requests. The only prerequisite is a sincere heart and desire to ask for specific help.


RITUAL will include:

• education about and orientation to the Archangel, Olympian and planetary energies being invoked in preparation for ritual; what to expect;

• orientation to the order of the ritual;
• ritual consecration;
• candlelight;
• the use of non-alcoholic grape juice and bread during ritual;
• the use of specific magical elixirs;
• the invocation and presentation of both internal and external petitions;


Although the ritual is most usually held late in the evening, this particular magical practice follows strict guidelines and timetables for the Archangelic and Olympian energies invoked. 10:00 p.m., 1:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m. (time zone is determined by where David is sitting when performing the ritual). The ritual uses specific language which may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable to some and may involve the arrival of actual, tactile or visual experiences that for some participants could be frightening or emotional. David is the only person doing this ritual in this form on the planet, and Heaven hears him. This ritual is REAL magic and is a combination of astrological, pagan, Hebrew and Christian mystic traditions based upon 16th Century works.

NOTE: although no adherence or belief in any specific dogma is required, participants need to be comfortable with and accepting of the leader's use of angelic, Hebrew, Christian, pagan and elemental language, as well as the use of pagan, Christian and Hebrew symbols, which may in some cases conflict with a petitioner's preferred beliefs. Participants are asked only to RECEIVE during this ritual and not to teach, as well as to hold confidentiality for all of those in attendance.

We look forward to sharing this powerful SERVICE for magically transforming your situation.

Aerially yours,





Group Cost: $35 (per person, approximately 2 and 1/2 hours)

Individual Cost: $100 (approximately 90 minutes)


GROUP REGISTRATION DEADLINES: Group ritual must have a minimum of FIVE participants preregistered by a predetermined date in order to proceed.


RITUAL PARTICIPANT REQUIREMENTS:** To protect the integrity of this ritual, whether for an individual or group, vetting will be required in the form of e-mail or telephone contact with David personally prior to scheduling and to briefly orient petitioners to the ritual. David will answer any questions at this time. Not everyone is a candidate for angel magic, and consent to the requirements of the ritual is required (e.g., abstaining from alcohol and drugs on the day of the ritual, holding confidentiality for anyone in attendance). David reserves the exclusive spiritual right to vet someone out of the ritual with or without reason. Participants who violate the requirements of the ritual when in progress will be asked to leave and payment will *not* be refunded. 

Additionally, the ritual requires attendees to actively participate in the magic and exactly on time. This ritual is not passive, nor is it for the faint of heart. It requires participants to exert intense spiritual energy and mental focus. In some cases, certain medical conditions may prohibit someone from attending the group ritual due to strict spiritual protocols. If that is the case, a potential attendee will be screened for appropriateness for an individual ritual. The individual ritual cost will apply in these cases.

CANCELLATION or REFUNDS: As the ritual requires several hours' worth of preparation, participants who same-day cancel their ritual will not be entitled to a refund of any portion of their payment. One cancellation of the Archangel & Olympian Ritual is permitted for any reason (whether same-day or not) in a calendar year (January 1 through December 31). A second cancellation in a calendar year for any reason will result in the participant being unable to schedule future rituals. Additionally, participants who cancel their ritual by 11:59 p.m. the day before their scheduled ritual will receive either a full refund or be permitted to reschedule their ritual, in which case payment will be retained.

Rescheduled rituals must be scheduled to occur within two weeks of the original appointment and may not be cancelled or rescheduled a third time. If a rebooked ritual is cancelled a second time, or does not occur for any reason, the participant forfeits their right to a refund of any portion of their payment. In these cases, the full fee of the ritual will be retained as payment-in-full for the two ritual times held out exclusively for the petitioner. Participants who cancel or do not keep a rescheduled ritual for any reason are unable to schedule future rituals. 


Participants who no-show for a ritual will forfeit their entire payment in full and be unable to schedule future rituals. Any participant who has not been in successful contact with David by 11:59 p.m. on the day of their missed ritual will be deemed a no-showThe leader shall bear no responsibility for text or voicemail notifications that do not come through by 11:59 p.m. at the latest on the day of the ritual.

IN-PERSON or DISTANCE RITUAL: Although other in-person energy healing has been temporarily suspended for the duration of the Covid-19 health crisis, the Archangel & Olympian Ritual, either for an individual or as a group, is still held in person (subject to change). Masks may be required regardless of vaccination status. Refusal to wear a mask (if required) will result in a participant being asked to leave. Refunds will not be given for non-compliance with mask policies or ordinances. Non-compliance with policy will result in a participant being banned from scheduling future energywork or rituals. If masks are not required by policy or ordinance, participants are welcome to wear masks (or not) if so desired.


Distance rituals require the use of Skype or FaceTime. A telephone backup (audio-only) is required, as video sound can sometimes be disrupted due to the ritual's high vibrational content. Rituals may not be recorded.

PAYMENT: Pre-payment for the Archangel & Olympian Ritual (in person or distance) is required before a ritual can be finalized and scheduled. Please e-mail David at or leave a voicemail at 224-282-3748 to inquire about this ritual. Once vetted for attendance, payments can be made using a credit card, debit card or PayPal account on the Energywork Page (see button below). 

CONTACT US: Please e-mail or leave David a voicemail at 224-282-3748 if you are interested in attending or learning more. He will be in touch to answer any questions, and, if appropriate, schedule a telephone orientation.

**Space for group rituals is at a premium and a limited number of dates and times are available for individual or group rituals in any given month. Petitioners are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

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