Blend No.4: 4oz. 'Rachel's Moon' Magical Essential Oil Spray

'Rachel's Moon' 4oz. Magical Essential Oil Spray in a cobalt blue glass bottle with a fine-mist spray top. Lavender/ Lemon (Lavandula angustifolia / Citrus limon)


Associated with the Moon and with angels.


Magical uses include: Increasing awareness, strengthening spirituality, supporting fidelity, enhancing psychic work, dealing with and overcoming problems, gathering strength, communication with spirits, divination and ritual purification (to make new.)


Elemental associations: Air (Lavender), Water (Lemon). (For more, see Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.)

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Blend No.4: 4oz. 'Rachel's Moon' Magical Essential Oil Spray

  • When we are in need of friendship or need to strengthen family ties, a blend of lavender and lemon summons the matriarchal energy of the great Hebrew mother, Rachel, to bring us clarity, devotion and resilience in the face of hardship – agreeing that there is indeed no place like home. Rachel, mother of two of the twelve tribes of Israel (Benjamin and Joseph) and whose name means “ewe,” is best known for her loyalty and strength, her great romance with Jacob and unswerving fidelity to her family. The lavender in this blend is ruled by the Archangel Raphael, whose name means “God has healed,” and lemon by Archangel Uriel, “Fire of God.” Together these Archangels rule the zodiac signs of Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius. They rule “teachers… contracts… nurses… [and] astrology” (The Kabbalah & Magic of Angels, p.183-5), making this a particularly useful blend for nurturers of any kind, especially in the fields of medicine and education, or in the home. Among the stones they rule are blue lace agate (Raphael) and amethyst (Uriel), known for their abilities to assist in the conveyance of critical ideas, bring circles of light and protection into the environment, and calm those prone to hyperactivity or fear. Among their creatures are the butterfly and peacock, great totems of freedom and spirit (butterfly), generosity and graciousness (peacock). Strengthening relationships, supporting marriage and family and promoting friendship and the safety of home are some of the strengths of this blend.


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