MHA Logo Globe Nickel Pin

Inspired by our love for lavender and the spiritual lessons it teaches of flight, our MHA Logo Globe hard enamel pins harken back to the best of the 1920s and the Age of Aviation.


Devoted to teaching lavender’s hidden aerial lessons, our fictional airline, Moon Hollow Airlines, takes passengers on spiritual flights in its “The Spiritual Lessons of Lavender” classes, where students master the principles of lift and thrust, drag and stall, turbulance and invisible hazards and their celestial implications. Lavender’s aeronautical secrets about aviation and pilots, adventure and courage, sexuality and communication, flight attendant hospitality and service in the sky are revealed as important for taking flight in this new age. Our hard enamel pins, each set in nickel, evoke the heavenly principles of aviation and ignite our passion to fly.


Whether your Moon Hollow Airlines Logo Globe flies its way onto a vision board, is proudly incorporated into your wardrobe, or is used as a conversation piece, we hope it will bring back to you the hope of aviation and the elegance of flight. And it will. Lavender is after all...the tops.

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MHA Logo Globe Nickel Pin

  • Designed by Moon Hollow of Salem and manufactured with true hard enamel set in polished nickel. Fastens with one clasp pin.


    © Moon Hollow of Salem, unless otherwise indicated. All Rights Reserved.

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