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"CARE must be taken not to mix experiments, but each one should be simple and by itself. For GOD and NATURE have ordered each towards a fixed and destined end.... In this way, there are hidden within the constellations, names, characters, stones, and the like, great influences or virtues indeed, which pass as a miracle."

Arbatel: Concerning the Magic of the Ancients

Original Sourcebook of Angel Magic, c. 1536

The Practical Application of "The Spiritual Lessons

of Lavender"

What lavender teaches us about sex, aviation, the 1920s, communication,

Amelia Earhart and the Scarlet Macaw

Summer 2021!

A two-part experience at Moon Hollow of Salem

Des Plaines, Illinois 

Moon Hollow of Salem PRESENTS to you…


a SPECIAL event


The Spiritual Lessons of Lavender:

What lavender teaches us about sex, aviation, the 1920s, communication,

Amelia Earhart and the Scarlet Macaw

Taught by: David Jonathan Lavin, LICSW, RMT

with lavender-themed FARE.

WHEN: Summer 2021

WHERE: Moon Hollow of Salem, Des Plaines, Illinois

Lavender is touted as the “Queen of Essential Oils”, but this is not a class on using lavender as a fragrance. Hidden deep within lavender are its esoteric messages standing by since the 1920s, the Age of Aviation, to teach us about pilots and FLIGHT, courage and adventure, sexuality and hospitality. Even F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart TAKEOFF to disclose lavender’s secluded aeronautical lessons on communication, discipline and sex waiting in the wings since The Great Gatsby to “push the cultural envelope” on understandings of marriage, fidelity, sexual freedom and other things that DRAG on us. And that’s just the RUNWAY! This will NOT be what you expect. Through exploring aerial principles such as LIFT and THRUST, STALL and DRAG, lavender teaches us how to FLY. And so, students of this course will be going to FLIGHT SCHOOL. If you’ve ever had difficulty managing sexual boundaries, been in a communication minefield or overwhelmed by a project that just won’t TAKEOFF, this class is for you. Scarlet Macaws and Indian Peafowls even show up! Lavender is after all…the tops. 

In a period of time that strongly mirrors the energies of the 1920s with their rapid changes in communication, looming immigration restrictions, the rise of white nationalism, challenges to sexual mores and gender/sex roles, expanding religious fundamentalism, growing isolationism and a bull market, the 1920s are here again. And in this AERIAL-themed class, we will learn from the infamous 20s and the flapper and siren within each of us. This challenging original TWO-PART experience at Moon Hollow of Salem will expand FLIGHT students to both comfortable and uncomfortable places as we take to the SKIES.

CLASS ONE: The Pilot and Flight, the 1920s, Charles Lindbergh and Courage, Perceiving Invisible Helpers, the Scarlet Macaw and Sexual Fidelity.


(½ hour IN-FLIGHT lavender-themed meal provided MID-FLIGHT)

Original meditations on FLIGHT take us to the clouds and beyond;

Lessons on aerodynamic LIFT, THRUST and ANGLE OF ATTACK and what latent spiritual instruction they declare to balance aerial navigation;

*  The 1920s – pilots, aviation and FLIGHT ATTENDANTS – what Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart and airline attendants teach about sex, generosity, beauty, courage and adventure in the SKY;

*  In-flight LAVENDER-THEMED meal – (brief IN-FLIGHT video: How Airplanes Fly – The Science Behind Flight; and America in the 20th Century – The Roaring Twenties);

Lessons on the invisible – what Elven helpers teach about perspective, discernment and unperceived realities;

*  Communication and the chrysocolla;

*  The Scarlet Macaw – what it teaches about even-tempered and discerned COMMUNICATION, extravagant service and hospitality, playfulness and affection, sexual monogamy and adventure at home; and

*  Sensory experiences with lavender and take-home literature from the 20s.

CLASS TWO: The Flapper in the 20s, Amelia Earhart and the Indian Peafowl, Changing Marriage, Sexual Freedom and Boundaries, and the Siren.


(½ hour IN-FLIGHT lavender-themed meal provided MID-FLIGHT)

*  Original meditations on the FLAPPER;

*  Turbulence in the sky – aerodynamic lessons on DRAG, STALL and INVISIBLE HAZARDS and their spiritual guidance for boundaries in sexual exemption;

*  In-flight LAVENDER-THEMED meal – (brief IN-FLIGHT video: Howard Hughes and Kathryn Hepburn; George Gershwin’s 1924 Rhapsody in Blue; 1920s Flapper);

*  The 1920s – pilots and sexual license – what Amelia Earhart teaches about unfettered sexual expression;

*  Original guided imageries on DANGERS IN FLIGHT and the SIREN;

*  The Indian Peafowl – what it teaches about direct and indirect COMMUNICATION, heroism and extravagant generosity, charming grace and straightforward allure, sexual freedom and independence; and  

*  Take-home exercises for expanding SIREN energy and literature from the 1920s.

At the end, students will:

*  Recognize similarities between the 1920s and today and hold an understanding of basic aeronautical principles;

Have expanded their spiritual understandings of seemingly disparate sexual expressions and settled into their own sexual comfort zone;

Hold expertise into the specific totem energies of the Scarlet Macaw and Indian Peafowl and their relation to the self, communication and sexuality; and

*  Be able to demonstrate mastery of lavender’s unexpected magical properties and employ specific techniques for enhancing lavender’s energies through use of synchronous tools. 

This TWO-PART, AIRLINE-themed, 4-hour experience from 5:00pm to 9:00pm (with ½ hour for an IN-FLIGHT meal) includes lively discussions about sex and sexuality.

We look forward to taking FLIGHT with you on this fantastic adventure.


David Jonathan Lavin

Chief Flight Attendant

CLASS COST: $225 (Or $200 each person for parties of two or more people).


EARLY-BIRD SPECIAL: $175 (Preregistration date TBD).



FOR INDIVIDUALS: To preregister and receive your BOARDING PASSES, pay your registration deposit of $75 by check or M/O (payable to: David Jonathan Lavin) OR at: PayPal.Me/MoonHollow/75. Remaining balance is due before the start of class. To pay balance, see the end of this page. 

FOR PARTIES OF TWO OR MORE: To receive the discounted rate, please specify in an e-mail who you will be attending with ( OR on FacebookPreregister by paying your registration deposit of $75 by check or M/O (payable to: David Jonathan Lavin) OR at: PayPal.Me/MoonHollow/75. Remaining balance is due before the start of class. To pay balance, see the end of this page.


FOR INDIVIDUALS: The remaining $150 is due before the start of class. To pay your balance, go to: PayPal.Me/MoonHollow/150 OR pay by check or M/O (payable to: David Jonathan Lavin).

FOR PARTIES OF TWO OR MORE: The remaining $125 is due before the start of class. To pay your balance, go to: PayPal.Me/MoonHollow/125 OR pay by check or M/O (payable to: David Jonathan Lavin).

FOR EARLY BIRDS: The remaining $100 is due before the start of class. To pay your balance, go to: PayPal.Me/MoonHollow/100 OR pay by check or M/O (payable to: David Jonathan Lavin).



FULL GROUP TUITION: PayPal.Me/MoonHollow/200


* Space in this course is limited to 8 students and includes in-flight meal service. If you find that you have to cancel your spot in this course, please know that deposits cannot be returned within two weeks of the first flight.



Our event and class update emails are sent out whenever we have new and exciting details to share about Moon Hollow's events and classes.

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Archangel and Olympian Rituals
Beseeching Powerful Spiritual Solutions for
Tangible Material Needs

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Date for Next Ritual: TBD

Moon Hollow of Salem
Des Plaines, Illinois


Rituals to be led by David Jonathan Lavin, LICSW, RMT
Snack and non-alcoholic drink refreshments provided
Cost: $35.00


Join Moon Hollow of Salem for a powerful New Moon ritual in which we will beseech specific Archangelic and Olympian energies on your behalf, and with your participation, with any of the concerns, requests or petitions you bring. 

In a time when we desperately need support from above, Celestial allies are here and waiting for an invocation to help. 
And so the Olympians and Archangels will gratefully serve. This will be an incredibly authoritative evening for asking for and receiving specific spiritual support from the Heavens.  

No request is too large or small, although requests can only do no harm. This will be a private elemental ceremony for people serious about asking for and receiving answers to their requests.

The only prerequisites are a sincere heart and a desire to ask for specific help. 

RITUAL will include:

* Brief education about and orientation to the Olympian, Angelic and planetary energies being invoked in preparation for ritual; 
* Ritual consecration; 
* Candlelight;
* The use of non-alcoholic grape juice and bread during ritual;
* The use of specific magical elixirs; and
* The invocation and presentation of petitions; 

Although the ritual is late in the evening, this particular magical practice follows strict guidelines and timetables for the Angelic and Olympian energies invoked. It uses specific language which may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable to some and may involve the arrival of actual, tactile or visual experiences that for some participants could be frightening. This ritual is REAL magic and is a combination of astrological, pagan, Hebrew and Christian mystic traditions based upon 16th Century works. Although no adherence or belief in any specific dogma is required, participants need to be comfortable with the leader's use of angelic, Hebrew, Christian and elemental language, as well as the use of pagan, Christian and Hebrew symbols. 

Participants are asked only to receive during this ritual and not to teach, as well as to hold confidentiality for all of those in attendance. 

We look forward to sharing this powerful service for magically transforming your situation.

To protect the integrity of the ritual, as well as the people participating, vetting will be required in the form of e-mail or phone contact with David prior to admittance to the evening.




COST: $35.00. Payment is due prior to the start of the ritual and can be paid in advance via Paypal or at the door with cash, check or money order. To pay via Paypal, go to:



REQUIREMENTS: To protect the integrity of the ritual, as well as the people participating, vetting will be required in the form of email or phone contact with the leader prior to admittance to the evening. Please email if you are interested in attending and David will be in touch.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Ritual must have a minimum of THREE participants preregistered in order to proceed. In order to preregister use payment link above.

Space for this event is limited and people will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, with priority reservation given to registrants..


Please e-mail through Facebook or to if you are interested

in attending.


Moon Hollow of Salem Field Trip

The Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum

Summer 2021

We are currently in the planning stages for a Spring/Summer 2019 trip to the National Air & Space Museum with alumni from the Moon Hollow of Salem Spiritual Lessons of Lavender classes.

This amazing institute, with its main museum located just steps from the Capitol Building and Lincoln Memorial in downtown Washington, D.C., covers the history and principles of flight and contains a unique collection of historic aircraft. We will also visit the NASM's Chantilly, VA location, which houses the Space Shuttle Discovery alongside a vast and breathtaking collection of airplanes and helicopters in splendid display. Whether you will enjoy these aircraft and spacecraft for their historical significance, enjoy taking to the skies as a pilot in your own flight simulator, or appreciate these exhibits as colorful, flying works of art, you will not want to miss experiencing this national treasure to build upon the Spiritual Lessons of Lavender already learned!

Alumni who wish to express interest in joining us for this adventure should email us as soon as possible at

Our classes and events take place at Moon Hollow of Salem and other venues.

Refunds of deposits are only available for a limited time as space in each class is limited to a small number of students and reasonable time will be required to advertise and fill vacated spaces. Please make sure that you are aware of our policy before making your deposit. Thank you!